XM-92 Cure Rifle

Type Weapon:

Dart Rifle


Worthington Labs

Ammunition Type:

Cure Darts

Magazine Capacity:

4-6 Round Magazine

Used By:

  • M.R.D
  • Fire Types:

    Select Fire

    The XM-92 Cure Rifle is the primary dart assault rifle utilitzed by the M.R.D. It was manufactured by Worthington Labs after the introduction of the mutant cure.

    Early StartEdit

    Mutants who were willing to take the cure were not harmed by these weapons or the soldiers that utilized them, however troopers utilized these against mutants proven to be a threat. They used these against many mutants and were to not kill the mutants in general, but to kill off the x-gene in their bodies.


    The XM-92 was designed to be of an all plastic design and was designed with little to absolutely no metal in it, due to Magneto's magnetic manipulation. The weapon possesses 4 gun barrels, allowing darts to fly out and shoot individually. It's magazine is designed to house 4 individual darts because the weapon has no bolt that allows for another dart to be chambered.

    The weapon is known to be a select fire weapon and possesses a concealable scope. It can also be outfitted with a lime laser sight, as well as a flashlight.


    The XM-92 is known to be an extremely effective weapon most of the time, however against mutants like Mutant X and ForestFire; their darts have proven to be ineffective both internally and externally because of their invulnerability and their x-gene being evolved farther than any other mutants. Mutants that have an immunity to the cure or invulnerability has been proven to be extremely resistant to the weapon's ammunition and the ammo's cure shot.


    The XM-92 originally was utilized by the United States Marine Corps against mutants proven to be a harmful or seen as harmful. Later on, it was issued to the M.R.D, however after the deaths of multiple humans, many civilians apart of anti-mutant militias.