X-Men: Generations is a live action TV Series, based off of Marvel's The X-Men and the 2001 TV Series, X-Men: Evolution


A group of superpowered mutants are taught to use thier powers for good, while in a war with Magneto and his Brotherhood of Mutants, as they keep thier secret from humanity.



Hugh Jackman as James "Logan" Howlette - strong willed and Strong headed, Wolverine defends anyone that needs it. Though he acts insensitive, Logan can be loyal and caring. Wolverine can grow three sharp claws from each hand and can heal any injury, except the memory that was taken from him.

Halle Berry as Storm/Ororo Monroe - Storm is an African American mutant, with the ability to control the weather. Storm has a calm personality and is always serious in tough situations. She is a role model for most students, who hope on becoming X-Men. She is strong, smart, caring, confident, loyal, and brave.

Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier/Professor X - The professor is a telepathic mutant and the head of the Xavier Institute. He is a father figure to most of the students. He is capable of reading minds, erasing and going through memories, and disabling people by sending telepathic blast.

Tom Welling as Scott Summers - The leader of the X-Men, who can't control his powers of concussive optic blast. Scott is the most mature of the X-Men, but is competitive and can be hot headed. Scott wears ruby quartz glasses, so he can open his eyes, without destroying everything in sight. Most students tend to look up at Scott. He is very assertive of the rules and is least likely to fool around. He is very close with Jean Grey, who he eventually starts dating.

Galadriel Stineman as Jean Grey/Phoenix - Jean is a strong willed, smart, athletic, and confident telepath. She can read minds and move objects with her own mind. Jean is popular and well liked in the X-Men and at school. Unlike most students, Jean loved the idea of a school for mutants, as for others who thought of it as a school for freaks and weren't comfortable with it. Jean is an athlete in soccer. Jean gets overexcited when she gets a chance to teach the younger students

Logan Lerman as Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler - A blue furry mutant, with the ability to teleport. Kurt is a fun-loving guy, but when the situation gets serious, so does he. Kurt uses an image inducer to change his looks, but he still has the fur. He has three fingered hands, two toed feet, and a blue arrow ended tail.

Vanessa Hudgens as Katherine "Kitty" Pride - Kitty is the one of the youngest X-Men, with the power of intangibility. She's a young sweet and cheerful teenager, but isn't very athletic. Kitty is always sticking by her friends and is willing to defend anyone in need.

Kristin Stewart as Anna Marie/Rogue - Rogue is insecure and shuts herself from the world, due to her power. When she touches someone, she steals their memories, skills, and from mutants, powers. Rogue is smart, loyal, and sarcastic. She has shown interest in Scott and is roomates with Kitty. Rogue and Logan have a close relationship, so she feels safe to open up to him.

Sam Jones III as Evan Daniels/Spyke - Evan is the niece of Ororo (Storm), with the ability to shoot bone like spikes from his body. Evan is stubborn and hot-headed, with little respect for authority. Evan is often selfish and inconsiderate to his teammates. Evan doesn't focus much on school, he goofs off and plays basketball or rides his skateboard.

Paul Levesque as Henry "Hank" McCoy/Beast - One of Charles old friends and a former teacher at Bayville high, who mutated into a blue furry beast. Now that he can't teach at Bayville high, Charles gave him a job to teach at the institute. He is very smart, strong, caring, and brave.

Dylan Sprayberry as Bobby Drake/Iceman - a 15 yr. old mutant who has the power to generate ice. At the beginning of the series, he was an X-Men in training, but he eventually becomes a member. Bobby and Kitty had a growing relationship, until they became more than friends.

X-Men in Training

Nicola Peltz as Amara Aquilla/Magma - a 14 yr. old mutant, who can generate intense heat and control tectonic plates. Amara doesn't do well away from land. Amara is always sweet, but is also naïve and easily discouraged.

TBA as Sam Guthrie/Cannonball - a 15 yr. old mutant, with the power to generate thermo-chemical energy and release it through skin. Sam can be geeky, but is also a klutz. Unlike most people, Sam doesn't care much about his looks.

Ray Crisp/Berzerker - The oldest of the team, who is 16 yr. old, with the power to generate and manipulate electricity. Ray is fierce and won't be the first to back down. When Bobby became an X-Men, Ray took over as the next unofficial leader.

Hayden Panettiere as Tabitha Smith/Boom Boom - One of the oldest students, who is 15, with the power to create energy bombs. Tabitha's all about having fun. She tends to act, before thinking and doesn't care for the consequences. She doesn't follow rules much and isn't afraid to speak her mind, but she is also a caring friend to Amara and the other mutants in training.

Jubilation Lee - Nicknamed Jubilee, a 14 yr. mutant, who can form and project plasmoids. Jubilee is spunky and can be over-confident, getting herself into trouble, so she can impress the X-Men, by getting out.

Jamie Madrox/Multiple - Graham Philips - The youngest of the team, only 12, who can multiply himself and anything he's touching. Jamie is often clumsy and always tries to fit in. He's not appreciated as much as the team, because he's younger. They always leave him out of most of the cool stuff, but Jamie is always up for playing games and helping the team.

Rahne Sinclair/Wolfsbane - Arianna Grande - Rahne is 14, with the power to transform into a wolf. With her power, comes her trait, like a wolf she's loyal, fearless, and territorial. If she feels like her friends or family are in danger, she'll jump right on the problem.

Roberto Da Costa/Sunspot - A Brazilian boy, the second oldest, at the age of 15, with the power of super strength, by absorbing solar energy, so his powers only work during the day. Roberto is hot headed and insecure, and loves that he's the strongest of the team, well during the day. At times Roberto can be an over achiever.

Alex Summers-Masters/Havok - Scott's younger brother, who he thought had perished in a plane crash. Like his brother, Alex has concussive blast, but through his hands, instead of his eyes.

The Brotherhood of MutantsEdit

Ted Danson as Erik "Magnus" Lensher/Magneto - The head of the Brotherhood and a mutant with the power of magnetism. Erik is cold and distant, standing above humans, and doesn't believe in humanity's good side, with the desire to lead the mutants into a better world. Magneto is the father of Pterio and Wanda

Rachel Nichols as Raven/Mystique - Mystique is the second in command, with the power to shapeshift. Due to her impulsiveness, she is defeated easily.

Victor Creed/Sabertooth - Wolverines main rival, who has similar powers to Wolverine.

Kelly Blatz as Quicksilver/Pterio Maximoff - A mutant with the power of super speed, the son of Magneto and brother of Wanda. Pterio is an impatient, deceptive and self serving villain, who will betray anyone to save himself.

Avalanche/Lance Alvers - Jean-Luc Bilodeau - A hot-headed, grungy loner, with the ability of geo manipulation. Lance is the field leader of the team and has a rivalry with Cyclops.

Toad/Todd Tolansky - Sterling Beaumon - A toad like mutant, with a long tongue and powerful leg muscles, with pale skin. Todd is a shrimpy, smart mouthed punk with a wise guy attitude.

Blob/Fred Dukes - Mark Salling - A huge mutant, with superhuman strength and resilience. Fred is a natural born bully, with ten times more brains than brawns, and a bad temper.

Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff - Ashley Green -


Season 1Edit

As the X-Men gain Katherine Pryde, or Shadowcat, Rogue, and Evan Daniels, or Spyke, they must face new enemies and the Brotherhood

Title Information
X-Pilot The X-Men, and new cumber, Kitty Pryde, or Shadowcat must stop Avalanche and Toad. Meanwhile, Wolverine battles Sabertooth.
Rogue Minds The X-Men must mutant with the ability to absorb anyone's memories and skills, before the brotherhood does.
The Porcupine and the Blob Ororo's nephew, Evan, starts developing mutant abilities, so she has him join the institute. Now the X-Men must stop a huge mutant teenager, Fred Dukes, The Blob.
A Little Faster Spyke and Cyclops, with the help of Rogue, must stop a new mutant speedster, Pterio, or Quicksilver. Meanwhile, Nightcrawler, Shadowcat, and Jean must stop Avalanche.</span>
The Good, The Bad, The Mutants The X-Men must stop the new members of the Brotherhood of Mutants, the mutants that they've been facing.
Power Surge A new brotherhood mutant shuts down the city's power.
The Beast of Bayville One of Kurt's teachers, Hank McCoy, starts to have black outs, and Kurt finds out that he is mutating into a blue, furry, and beast-like creature.
City Rogue's After a battle with Quicksilver, Rogue goes missing, leaving it to the X-Men to find her, before Mystique
The Middleverse After a fight between Kurt and Scott, Kurt accidently gets trapped in pocket dimension, and meets Forge, the creator of the device and they must find a way out, but first, the X-Men must get the device, from toad.
Blue and Fuzzy Forge creates a device to allow Nightcrawler to teleport from dimension to dimension, but creatures come back with him. Meanwhile, Kurt is nervous to take Amanda to a school dance, because of his fur, only to find out she already knows about him.
Field Trip While on a geology field trip in the mountains, Scott and Rogue get trapped, on the run from Mystique. Rogue decides to officially join the X-Men.
Rookies The Mutants in Training must stop Sabretooth, when he knocks Wolverine out cold.
Rise of the Juggernaut The Professor's half brother, a mutant, called the Juggernaut, escapes and is out for revenge, so the X-Men must stop him

Season 2Edit

In second season of the series, Magneto finally rises to take revenge on Xavier, Wolverine learns more about his past, Iceman becomes an official X-Men, and finally, Scott discovers his long lost, thought to be deceased younger brother, Alex.

Title Information
Revenge of Magneto Magneto gathers the Brotherhood of Mutants to invade and attack the X-Men.
Revenge of Magneto After Magneto captures Prof. X, the X-Men plan to get him back and to stop the Brotherhood.
Walk on the Wild Side When Beast starts feeling down, needing open space to run wild, Kitty suggest that they take camping trip, with the X-Men in training, but while there, hunters spot Beast, believing him to be the mythical Bigfoot.
Out in the Open During a Bayville High Soccer Game, Avalanche, Blob, Quicksilver, and Toad reveal themselves and the X-Men to the world, leaving it Prof. X to put his powers to the test, erase the memories of the crowd, if thier secret is to be kept.
Horrors of the Past Wolverine goes berserk, after a new report from the Canadian Mountains, so he takes off in the X-Jet, not knowing that Shadowcat, Nightcrawler, and Iceman were in the back.
Survival of the Fittest Charles sends the X-Men to a summer camp, for survival training, but find out that the Brotherhood is also there, turning the camp into a competition between the two teams, much to Jean's dismay.
The Night Before X-Mas On Christmas Eve, the X-Men find out the wierd spray in a new toys causes adults to act like four yr. olds, but they get infected too. Meanwhile, snow blocks all traffic, unallowing the X-Students to spend Christmas with thier parents.
Big Bang New Year A baby-like mutant rigs the Time Square Ball to explode toxic gas, leaving it to the X-Men to stop him.
Ghost of a Chance While out riding with Wolverine and the X-Men in training, Kitty is saved from a rockslide, by a mysterious girl Danielle. Danielle joins the institute, but when her powers endanger the X-Men, Kitty fears Danielle will be exspelled. The next morning Danielle is gone and the others don't seem to know what Kitty is talking about, so she plans to get to the bottom of this.
Early Winter After stowing away on an X-Men mission, Iceman must prove himself to the team, that he's ready to join them, as a full X-Men.
The Cauldron Part 1 Scott discovers that his brother, Alex Summers, who he thought was killed in a plane crash, that killed his parents, and supposibly, Alex, but when Magneto gets to Alex first, Scott rushes to help his brother. Meanwhile, metalpods start kidnapping mutants.
The Cauldron Part 2 Magneto offers Scott and Alex a deal, to use his machine, to help them control their concussive blast. Meanwhile, the X-Men that weren't kidnapped decide to pay Magneto a visit, to save their friends.

Season 3Edit

In This season, the team experiences being human, Kurt and Rogue figure out they have a past together and with Mystique, Magneto's daugter Wanda is out of her cell, and Bobby and Kitty hook up.

Title Information
Being Human The X-Men wake up in their old homes, without their powers, Charles is a asylum, for believing in the existance of mutants, Logan is in the army with Sabretooth, and the Xavier Institute has been abandoned for years.
Being Human Scott and Jean must locate the rest of the team, so they can bust out Prof. X, but must do all of it, without their powers.
The Shadow of Ice The X-Men must stop the brotherhood from stealing a rare artifact that can make their abilities stronger. Meanwhile, Bobby and Kitty try to keep their new relationship from the team, but are caught anyway.
The Wicked Witch of Bayville Magneto's daughter and Pterio's sister breaks free from an asylum, and looks for revenge againsy her father, who put her there in the first place.
The Forge of Creation Forge creates a device to help Scott control his optic blast, but Mystique has Pterio wire it, to where she can turn his powers off and on.
X-23 Wolverine and Xavier Instute is hunted by what Logan discovers is a female clone of him.
Just an Ocean Breeze When Alex gets lost at sea, Scott heads out to find him, but ends up getting lost himself. When they find eachother, they recap the plane crash, that killed thier parents.
Play Ball The training recruits face-off against the X-Men, in a game of baseball, but when students start using their powers, it turns into a game of Mutant Ball
Gaurdian Angel Eyewitness's claim that an angel has been saving them, so the X-Men check it out.
The Toad, the Witch, and The Elf In order to get Wanda to like him, Toad steals Nightcrawler's image inducer, while Kurt is trying to impress Amanda's parents.
Out of the Past The nightmares that Rogue has been having seem to have parts of Nightcrawlers past, from when he was a baby and the his mother appeared to be Mystique.
Switched Using a device that was supposed to 
Three Minds A new enemy, Mesmero, brainwashes some of the X-Men, to steal, leaving it to the others to stop them.
Secrets Nightcrawler disobeys the Professor, to find out about his past, with Mystique, much to Rogue's dismay, but the Brotherhood sets a trap for him. They find out that Mystique gave birth to Kurt, but only adopted Rogue.

Season 4Edit

This season sees the debut of Emma Frost and the Phoenix, as Jeanis consumed by darkness.

Title Information
A Mind is a Terrible Thing To Waste After a string of headaches, Jean's powers go out of control, and the only people that can stop her are Cyclops and Rogue.
Explosion Jean starts having dizzy spells, and causes an explosion at the institute. In the end, Jean is no where to be seen.
A Cyclops and a Phoenix As the X-Men continue to search for Jean, Prof. X and Scott recap their past, of when Prof. X recruited Scott, and took him to recruit Jean.
Frost A telepath arrives at the institute, claiming to be able to find Jean, but Scott doesn't trust her.
African Storm An african witch doctor steals Ororo's powers and sends her to Africa and Evan is determined to get her back. Meanwhile, with all of Evan's misbehavior, Ororo thinks about sending her nephew back to her sister.
Fun and Games Kurt, Kitty, Bobby, and Evan get trapped in a videogame.
Visions Prof X. starts having visions of the future, and it's very unpleasent.
Blood of the Wolf A group of mutant human/wolves arrive at the institute, claiming to be Wolfsbane's family, but Prof. X has suspicions.
SpykeCam When Evan is given a video assignment, Sabretooth uses him to locate Wolverine, endangering the students.
Cave In While on a camping trip, the X-Men get trapped in a cave, nearly flooded and are unable to get out.
The B-Day Girl On Jean's birthday, Scott recaps their first battle together.
The Prophecy Jean wakes up in a room filled with telepaths, one of them, Emma, who are convinced that she is the legendary mutant, to bring humans to their nees.
Rise of the Phoenix The X-Men have one last chance to free Jean and to defeat the Phoenix once and for all.
Rise of the Phoenix The team fails to stop the Phoenix, and it's up to Emma, Cyclops, and Rogue to stop her.
Rise of the Phoenix Although Jean is free of the Phoenix, it is now on the loose, without a single bit of consciounce to stop it.

Season 5Edit

As Bayville recovers from the aftermath of the Phoenix, the X-Men learn the origins of the first X-Men, and face new challenges, including their secret being exposed.

Title Information
Aftermath Bayville starts recovering after the battle with the Phoenix, while the X-Men wait for Jean to wake up, as Scott stays by her side.
Suspects After events of unnatural phenomena, people suspect that the students and faculty of the Xavier Institute are mutants, so they must convince Bayville they are normal.
First Class Part 1 Prof. X nad Beast recap the old days of the original X-Men team, with them Angel, Magneto, Mystique, and Banshee.
First Class Part 2 The X-Men continue to learn from Charles, of how the X-Men were created.
Death Foreseen The X-Men track a mutant, who has premonitions, of anybody he comes in physical contact with, and Rogue knows how he feels.
When Gravity Attacks The Brotherhood recruits a mutant that can control gravity.
Nightmares The X-Men must help their old friend Danielle, when she gets trapped in her own worst fears.
Extinction A young man at Bayville High starts hunting mutants, after Magneto kills his father and figures out the Xavier Institute is full of Mutants.
Movie Mania A new mutant traps the X-Men in a series of TV Shows and movies.
Joyride The trainee X-Men take the X-Men vehicles on Joyrides, but run into Brotherhood trouble.
Exposed Part 1 Prof. X pushes the team to it's limits, fearing that Magneto has become too powerful, so he recruits the Brotherhood to help, causing Cyclops and Iceman to decide to stay behind. Wolverine is captured by a new weapon, the sentinal
Exposed Part 2 As the team continue to battle Magneto and his new acolytes, the institutes self-defense mode is activated and targets the new recruits, and Scott and Bobby, but  the institute self-destructs, barely letting them escape. When the others return, they find out that Mystique has been impersonating  Prof. X. Magneto exposes their secret to the world.
Exposed Part 3 Now that their secret is out, the X-Men is hunted by the government. They team-up with Mystique and the brotherhood to free their captured teamates.
Exposed Part 4 While hiding out, the X-Men find out Juggernaut is free, so they go to stop him. Meanwhile, Storm and Beast go to a heiring, to convince people, that the X-Men are good.

Season 6Edit

The X-Men have more problems than ever, now that their secret is out and are further evolving

Title Information
Back to Highschool The X-Men return to school and must prevent themselves from using their powers, if they want to stay, but that's a problem, when they are thought as freaks and when the Brotherhood goes after them.
Blind Alley Disguised as Alex, Mystique lures Scott into a trap, stranding him in a desert, in Mexico, without his ruby quartz glasses. Meanwhile, the X-Men continue to rebuild the Institute.
Mutants Going Rogue After absorbing her friend Misty, who turned out to be Mystique, Rogue loses control of her powers, as everyone she's ever absorbed uses Mystique's shapeshifting to break free.
Cruise Control To get away from people who know their secrets, the X-Men go on a vacation, on a cruise to tha bahamas, but Amara's abilities seem to make her sick off of land, so Bobby and Tabitha take her to shore, while Scott and Jean go to shore to be alone, but while there, Amara starts up a volcano.
Taking it to the X-Treme Spyke enters a skating tournament, but the soda that their goving out is poisonous to humans. He is saved by a group of mutants called the Morlocks, who recruit Spyke to help them stop all the Mutant Poisoning.
Scattered After an incident with Nightcrawler's teleporting, The X-Men get scattered all over Earth.
Worlds Divided The X-Men learn of a powerful ancient mutant, Apocalypse.
In the Beginning The X-Men are teleported back in time, to before Apocalypse got his abilities.
Old Enemies An old enemy of Wolverine's starts hunting the X-Men, to lure Wolverine out, leaving only him and Shadowcat to save their team.
Who is She? When Mystique's powers go into overdrive, she can't control her shapeshifting, and thinks that she is, whoever she looks like.
Happy Holidays Instead of the students leaving to see their parents for Christmas, Prof. X arranges for the student's parents, and Alex, to have Christmas at the institute, but things go wrong, when Mesmero mind controls the Brotherhood to attack the X-Men. Meanwhile, Bobby gets nervous that his parents are going to emberass him in front of Kitty.
The Leech When the trainee X-Men are attacked by Duncan, a further mutated Spyke defends them, but Duncan plans to come back, but Spyke must also protect a young mutant, Dorian Leach, who has the ability shut down mutant's powers.

Season 7Edit

The team fails to prevent an ancient mutant from resurfacing and must now find a way to stop him. Scott and Jean graduate from Highschool.

Title Information
The Ancient One The X-Men and training students must stop the rise of an ancient mutant, Apocalypse.
The Ancient One Mesmero and his acolytes try to stop the X-Men, who fail to prevent Apocalypse's return. Meanwhile Jean and Scott's graduation day comes and Jean gives the valevictorian speech.
Fire and Ice In order to find and power a device that needs both heat and cold to activate, Iceman and Pyro make an unlikely team, to find them, and reveal that they have a history together, back when Pyro went to the Xavier Institute.
Down Deep Bobby and Amara get stuck in an underground cavern, made by Apocalypse, and must find a way out. Meanwhile, Kitty is worried that Bobby still might have feeling for Amara, from when they were together.
Chase from Space An alien dragon lands on Earth, being chased by an extraterrestrial named Brood. While out on a date, Kitty and Bobby found him injured by brood. After defeating Brood, Kitty is given permission to keep him and names him Lockheed.
The X-Kids Apocalypse turns the X-Men into eight year olds, Wolverine into a teenager, and Prof. X and Beast into younger adults and now they must find a way to turn back to normal
Ski Trip For the weekend, the X-Students, and Amanda, are taking a field trip to a ski lodge, but are attacked by snow creatures. Meanwhile, as Bobby, Scott, and Kurt think of the trip as their first romantic weekend with the Kitty, Jean, and Amanda, they're persued by others.
The Fantastic Four The Fantastic Four enlist the X-Men's help to stop skrulls, but the X-Men suspect that the Fantastic Four have been replaced with skrulls themself.
Along came a Spider The X-Men must help Spider-Man, when Magneto teams up Docter Octupus and Green Goblin.
The Pen is mightier than the Sword A young boy finds a special pen, that makes his drawings come to life, but things go wrong when he starts drawing monsters, unaware they become real.
Dungeons and Dragons The team is sent to midevil times, where Kitty is seen with Lockheed, causing the villagers to think she's a witch. Meanwhile, Jean and Scott begin college.

Apocalypse's Revenge

In order to stop Apocalypse from turning humans into mutants, the X-Men gather every mutant they know, to stop him.
Apocalypse's Revenge

While the X-Men and their allies fight Apocalypse on the outside, Prof. X attacks his mind, while Rogue leaves to find Dorian, in one last attempt to stop Apocalypse, for good.

Season 8Edit

Right when peace is in Earth's grasp, the final war between mutant and human begins and the X-Men must prevent the extinction of each race, as Evan finally returns to his team and family. Meanwhile, Kitty, Bobby, Evan, Rogue, and Kurt graduate highschool, as Scott and Jean continue college.

Title Information
The War Begins The MRD is now using Sentinals to battle mutants, so Magneto decides that this is war.
The War Begins Kelly starts an uprising for humans, as Magneto does so for mutants, starting the final war.
Welcome to Genosha As the war continues, mutants are brutily hunted by the MRD, so Magneto creates a paradise and base for his mutants, gaining more allies by the minute.
Cure The MRD kidnaps Dorian and is using his X-Gene to create cure for mutants.
Mind Games The MRD puts Prof. X in a coma, hacking into Cerebro and Jean must control the phoenix, if she wants to save him.
Turn of the Spyke Even the sewers aren't safe as Evan and the Morlocks are attacked and hunted, but get help from the X-Men, so Evan returns to his team, along with the Morlocks.
A Matter of Family The team's families are targeted by the MRD, and so is Amanda's. 
Graduation The war has even effected School, as during the teens graduation, the MRD attempts to kill the X-Men and Jean and Scott are brutily mistreated in college.
Divided We Stand The X-Men take one last stand to stop the MRD and Magneto, but must first save Dorian and stop them from curing mutants
Divided We Fall The X-Men continue head to Genosha, where the army is battling an army of the Brotherhood, but before charging into what will be their last chance to save mankind, Scott proposes to Jean.
Beginning of the End As Prof. X wakes up from his coma, the war escelates, the X-Mansion is attacked, by both the Brotherhood and the MRD.
Beginning of the End The X-Men are on the run from their human and mutant enemies, their teamwork and friendship are falling apart with each moment
Beginning of the End The war has finally taken it's toll, the Sentinals are attacking both humans and mutants, the X-Men have been defeated and split-up, and some killed, and now the future seems lost

Season 9 Days of Future PastEdit

In this short season, in a dystopian future, Sentinals have turned Earth into ruins, so the remaining X-Men must band together, as Wolverine is sent back to the past to prevent any of this. Terminated X-Men are Nightcrawler, Rogue, Scott, Jean, Angel, and 

Title Information
Days of Future Now Four years after the last season, the X-Men, minus Logan are reunited, along with other new mutants, and are fighting to stop the sentinals
Days of Future Now The X-Men and Brotherhood must work together to save Mankind, as Kitty uses her abilities to send Bishop back to warn the others.
Days of Future Now The group is followed by a massive army of Sentinals to a tower in China and is helped by Wolverine.
Days of Future Past Kitty uses her powers to send Wolverine 50 years in the past, to prevent the sentinal program.
Days of Future Past Wolverine must convince the past Prof. X, who has lost his way, to help him stop the Sentinal Program. Meanwhile in the future, the group begins losing.
Days of Future Past The group must break past Magneto out of Pentagon, so he can help them, but Xavier is still holding a grudge and is unhappy with it.
Days of Future Past The past group attempts to enlist Mystique's help, but things go wrong, when past Striker shows up, triggering Logan's memories and he accidently wounds Shadowcat. Meanwhile in the future, Kitty struggles to hold Logan in the future.
Days of Future Past In the past, Magneto and Mystique betray them and attempts to assassinate Bolivar Trask, but Xavier gives up his legs for his powers back and must stop them, while Logan is sinking, making Kitty lose control of him. In the future, one by one, the team is killed, but past Xavier stops his former allies just in time, restoring the timeline.

Season 10Edit

In the final season of X-Men: Generations, the future is finally coing together, as humans and mutants are beginning to ally and the Brotherhood joining the X-Men.

Title Information
Fight for the Future Now that the future has been restored, a new era has begun, as humans and mutants are working together.
The Mutant Wedding Part 1 Scott and Jean's wedding is coming up, as Kitty and Bobby start planning theirs, but it's interrupted by Juggernaut.
The Mutant Wedding Part 2 Before Scott and Jean can be married, they and the X-Men must stop Juggernaut. In the end they are finally married