The X-Men

When Toad and Gyro were fleeing Cyclops and Wolverine they entered Z.A.P.O chemicals and knocked Dr Elnar Oolog into a vat of virus w. This increased his height and turned his skin white so he attacked the city. Prof X managed to develop a bomb that Wolverine threw into his chest. This reversed the process and he fainted. E.P The Giant.


The Brotherhood

In this film he was part of Team x, whos mission was to create an army of super soldiers. They created Wolverine,Toad Toas,Quicksilver,Cyclops and Magneto. Wolverine led an escape attempt. During this Elnar was transformed by chemicals and Magneto kidnapped him. He named him White Giant and made him join his Brotherhood. When the x-men attacked he and the others attacked them in New York. He ran at Storm who shot lightning at him and killed him.