These are the Characters for my fanon show The X-Men.

Main CharactersEdit

Elizabeth Braddock/Psylocke - When the mansion was attacked by Magneto, Elizabeth was only 14 and just started learning how to use her powers 

Psylocke in the danger room when she returns to the new built mansion.

and she was frightened to see such power coming from a mutant. She ran away as far as she could from the mansion. After 7 years of being a model, Elizabeth quit and wanted to see the X-Mansion spot but when she got there she was shocked to see a new mansion. When she entered Longshot and Rogue greeted her and they signed her in as a new teacher and showed her to her room. After that she wondered around the mansion and found Cyclops and Emma Frost making out when Cyclops is already and still married to Jean Grey. Cyclops told Elizabeth not to tell anyone but it was to late and psychicly told Jean Grey about it and Jean Grey just fell apart. When the X-Men had a mission to go into space, Elizabeth and the rest had to escape but Jean stayed to kill herself but instead the Phoenix possesed her and Jean survived. Elizabeth and the Phoenix were good friends until there was the Dark Phoenix and the Dark Phoenix almost killed Elizabeth but instead left Elizabeth in a coma. After she woke up from the coma, a demon called Kwannon possesed her forever.