Storm (X-Men Evolution)

Real Name:

Ororo Monroe


  • Cloud Girl
  • Auntie O
  • Species:






    Powers & Abilities:

  • Atmokinesis
  • Flight
  • Equipment:


    Family & Friends:

  • Evan Daniels (Nephew)
  • ForestFire (Husband)
  • Halle (Daughter)
  • Ororo Monroe (Codename: Storm) is an intrigal part of the X-Men. She retains her mentor role in X-Men Evolution, if played down to focus more on other characters.


    Storm is still portrayed as a mentor to younger X-Men, but her character isn't used as much to focus more on other characters that the author believes needs more character development.


    • Atmokinesis: Storm was born with a genetic mutation causes her to manipulate and control the weather. Her eyes are known to change color when she's going to utilize her powers.
      • Atmokinetic Flight: Storms ability to manipulate the weather enables her to actually defy the laws of gravity without any problems.


    X-Men EvolutionEdit

    Darkest DayEdit

    Storm (X-Men Evolution)

    Storm blows a Sentinel into the sea.

    Storm went on the mission to the White House, but just as the Blackbird landed, the White House blew up and several Sentinels appeared. Storm used the wind to push one of the Sentinels into the sea after Shadowcat shorted it out. Eventually, all the X-Men except herself, Wolverine, Cyclops, Jean, and Nightcrawler were captured, and Nightcrawler teleported them back to the Mansion where they saw that Xavier was actually one of Magneto's spies.

    When Nos escaped and activated the Self Destruct system, Ororo managed to escape with the other X-Men. She then went to the White House when Fury was able to clear the X-Men who were captured by the Sentinels. She then went to the Savage Lands with the others and easily saved the Professor and Jim. She then went home, and once the Manson was rebuilt, she relaxed at the pool with the others.

    Dark FutureEdit

    Storm learns from Kurt and Laura that Apocalypse is going to return in one year.


    When Apocalypse and his Horsemen attack, Storm is one of the X-Men to be killed by them.

    Return of Weapon XIEdit

    Storm's captured by Weapon XI when they attack the Mansion.

    Storm is saved by Wolverine and the Brotherhood. She ends up stopped by a monstrous version of Liger, but he remembers who he is and helps the X-Men escape.

    Return of Captain AmericaEdit

    Ororo is present during the news report of Mayor Robert Kelly's abduction by Red Skull and the introduction of Captain America. Storm then went with Captain America and the X-Men to City Hall to rescue Kelly and defeat Red Skull.

    Mutant X & ForestFireEdit

    In Mutant X and ForestFire, Storm is a key character within the progressing storyline. She is seen as the wife of the powerful ForestFire and the mother of their child; Halle.