Sonia Kyle is the Nichole's biological mother and is the former member of the X-Men and former lover Wolverine.

Sonia Kyle

Mutant Code Name


Real Name

Sonia Kyle


23-32 (Flashbacks)




Unnamed Parents (deceased), Nichole (Biological Daughter)






Element Manipulation and Telepath


Wolverine (former Lover)

Early Life Edit

Sonia finds out about her ability is when her parents died in a car crash when she was only fifth-teen years old, anger and sadness she accidentally burn her home down with Pyro and Telekinesis. Then she grew up in the streets when she was chased down by some men when they find out she was a mutant, they corner her and was about to attack her when she was saved by Charles Xavier who gave Sonia the chance to come to school of gifted youngsters which she except the offer.

Member of The X-Men Edit

After years of training She became a member of the X-Men and started to have a crush on Wolverine. During the film series the two develop feelings for each other.

Attacked and finding out Being Pregnant Edit

Sonia was on a vacation in Canadian mountains in Canada when she was attack and was raped by Sabertooth (Which she didn't that her Pyro ability can go overheating which cause her to go into heat and she didn't feel overheated) but she managed to escape from him by using her Telepathy. Then few weeks later she find out she was pregnant and at first she though about abortion but realized that she always wanted to be a mother and decided to keep the baby. After nine months Sonia gave birth and named the baby Nichole and realized she knew that Mutant Sabertooth will find her and her newborn baby so she moved to New York taking her baby with her to live with her friends Luna and Jack and there four year old son Seth. Later that night Sonia went a walk to the store for some more baby supplies while Luna looked after her baby, then she was found and got attack by Sabertooth, she fought him and was killed in the process since she didn't tell him where she hid there daughter. 

Appearances Edit

  • she makes appearance in flashbacks when Nichole's adopted family told her truth about her biological parents in chapter of Season 2 of X-men Series Learning The Truth.
  • she also appeared in spirit form when Nikki is in mental state when in meditation.