Seth James Ray is the older brother of Ashley and Nikki and son of Luna Ray and Jack Queen. He's the only son of the family until his parents had adopted Nikki when her mother was killed. 

Seth Ray


Seth James Ray









Eye Color

Ice Blue


Bayville High School


Luna Ray and Jack Queen (Parents), Ashley Ray (Younger Sister/Deceased), Nichole (Adopted Younger Sister), Zephyr (Pet Cheetah)


Selena Thomas



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Bio Edit

Being the oldest of the two wont always be easy sometimes but he had his moments. he is very protective of his family like his dad though. He can easily beat up anybody who tries to hurt his younger sister or his parents.

Hes quiet adventurous type a guy and likes to explore everywhere he goes. hes an expert of Snowboarding which sometimes he get rivals during competitive sport.

Hes very overprotective of his sister Nikki since Ashley his other younger sister died form sickness and Nikki was adopted by his parents.

Early Life Edit

Nikki's Mother was raped by Sabertooth while she was on the hike in the mountains in Canada and when she find out she was pregnant with Nikki at first she though about abortion but realized that she always wanted to be a mother and decided to keep the baby.

After nine months Sonia gave birth to Nikki and realized she knew that Mutant Sabertooth will find her and her newborn baby so she moved to New York taking her baby with her to live with her friends Luna and Jack and there 4 year old son Seth they had recently lossed there second child form sickness.

Later that night Sonia went on a walk to the the store some baby supplies while Luna looked after the baby, then she was found and got attack by Sabertooth and was killed since she won't tell him where she hid there daughter. He promise to protect her no matter what.

Finding out his sister is a mutant

Seth who's now 18 years old and Nikki is 15 years old was on a family day out with his family in New York park, she and Seth were on a walk around looking around and sight seeing, unknown to them that they were being watched by Sabertooth who's was hiding in a alley. Later on the next day the Ray siblings we're going looking around the city more while there parents we're at work, suddenly they we're ambushed by Sabertooth, the siblings had manged escape but not for long Sabertooth attacked them injuring Seth in the process that triggered and made Nikki angry and ability to bring out her claws and attacked him, admitted defeat Sabertooth retreat.When he left Nikki was in shock when she saw claws coming out of her knuckles and was very scared finding out that she's a mutant her brother was in shock as well but promised that never tell there parents.