He was created by William Stryker. He looked identacle to Wolverine. It took 8 years to be perfected. It was from Team xs studies of him. E. The X-men v.s the Team x, The x-er, Lady with a deadly strike, Destiny, Sentinel Strike, Terror canyon, Bounty on Beast, Gwal and The Experiment.


Serpant took him to the X-Men base and he replaced Wolverine by trapping him in the S.A.F.E. He got information which he relayed to Stryker. Storm figured out somthing wasnt right and found the real Wolverine. He fought 46 but the others had trouble telling them apart until Wolverine revealed he knew a qoute Storm stated while escaping the S.A.F.E so she used her powers to descintigrate 46 but his command unit survived. Stryker was later given it by Serpant.

Cancelled Second ApperanceEdit

He was supposed to be re-built in the cancelled third season. His episode was supposed to be 46 and up where during the process the cloning virus would affect him and he would betray Stryker and devestate the earth. This would set up the story line for the third and fourth season. In the end Stryker and Prof x would defeat him.