Sabertooth (X-Men Evolution)

Real Name

Victor Creed







Weapon X, Weapon XI, Brotherhood of Mutants


Healing factor, super strength


Adamantium skeleton with eight claws, four per hand

Wolverine's nemesis as he appears in fan-fics.


Sabertooth is always portrayed as an enemy of Wolverine's, and by association, those close to Wolverine, mainly Liger, Rogue, and X-23. He's also usually affiliated with Weapon X and occasionally Magneto.


Sabertooth has a healing factor similar to Wolverine's, and he also had eight adamantium claws implanted into him in X-Men Evolution Season 5 to increase his ability to combat Wolverine.


X-Men EvolutionEdit

Father-Son OutingEdit

Sabertooth (X-Men Evolution)2

Sabertooth prepares to hunt for X-23.

Returned from who knows where, Sabertooth was assigned by Magneto to recruit X-23 to the Brotherhood. Sabertooth purposefully waits for Wolverine to arrive and sneers when Jim arrives and indirectly remarks how he made sure his mother didn't escape Weapon X with him. Jim then attacks Sabertooth, immediately followed by Wolverine. Sabertooth is then blasted away by Jim and X-23 in the Blackbird.

Rising TensionsEdit

Sabertooth (X-Men Evolution)

Sabertooth informs Magneto about Liger.

Sabertooth reported his failure, but he did tell Magneto about how Wolverine's son Liger showed up, also explaining Weapon XI to him and the enhancer that activated Jim's powers.

Prelude to HorrorEdit

Sabertooth (X-Men Evolution)3

Sabertooth attacks the Mansion again.

Sabertooth's next mission was to attack the Mansion with false information in his head and a micro-chip with the same thought-inhibiting properties of Magneto's helmet. Sabertooth easily tosses Wolverine and Liger away before Rogue grabs his arm and drains his energy. After Sabertooth was defeated and tossed away, he smirked at the plan working as the X-Men now believed that Magneto was planning on attacking the White House.

Darkest DayEdit

Sabertooth (X-Men Evolution)4

Sabertooth in the Savage Lands.

Sabertooth then attacks Wolverine when the X-Men invade the Savage Lands to save Jim and the Professor, but Wolverine easily beats Sabertooth up, and they run off.

Old WoundsEdit

Sabertooth (X-Men Evolution)5

Sabertooth attacks Deathstrike and Jimmy.

It was later revealed that Sabertooth attempted to stop the then four-year-old Jim and Yuriko from escaping Weapon XI, and Yuriko sacrificed her freedom by fighting off Sabertooth while Jim was taken to America by Dr. Wilson.

Return of Weapon XIEdit

Sabertooth (X-Men Evolution)6

Sabertooth checks out the Mansion.

It's then revealed that Sabertooth's still free-lance enough to work for Weapon XI. He then scouted out the Mansion before he reported to a colonel.

When Liger, Rogue, and X-23 invaded Weapon XI to free the X-Men, Sabertooth confronted Rogue and X-23 and beat X-23 up. He then dragged X-23 to where the X-Men were held, asking if the X-Men were feeling stupid yet.

Sabertooth then learned of Wolverine and the Brotherhood attacking the base. Sabertooth claimed Wolverine as his and asks what Deadpool means by "the big fight". Sabertooth then attacked Wolverine with four new Adamantium claws, but Wolverine stuck his claws in Sabertooth's gut and forced him to agree to help rescue the X-Men. Once that was done, their way was blocked by a monstrous Liger until he remembered who he was and helped them escape.

Hulk Smash!Edit

Sabertooth (X-Men Evolution)

Sabertooth observes the Hulk enter the Enhancer.

Sabertooth worked with several other members of the Brotherhood to capture the Hulk, with the bonus of Wolverine's son, Liger, Rogue, and Nightcrawler. Sabertooth then witnesses Banner get turned into the Gray Hulk by the Enhancer. When Hulk returns to normal, Sabertooth is knocked into Mystique by the Hulk. When he goes to recapture Hulk, he's stopped by Liger and Rogue when Liger stabs him with his claws, and Rogue knocks him out with her powers. When the base was destroyed by Hulk, Sabertooth recovered and asked if Magneto wanted them to follow him, which Magneto answers with a no.