New Egypt

New Egyptian Flag

New Egypt is the second mutant nation of the world. It was founded by the daughter of Apocalypse named Ark and her husband Osiris.


After Ark became a leading member of the judicial branch of New Genosha; she decided to tell Mutant X and ForestFire of her history. After understanding her history, both Mutant X and ForestFire granted Ark and her fiance a nation of their own, allowing them to rule in their own image.

After it's creation and establishment, Ark and Osiris decided to marry and then became parents of Princess Anya.


To this day, New Egypt remains a strong nation of the world and an ally of New Genosha.


The technological advancements of the New Egyptians are known to be advanced, however 1 step behind the technologically advanced New Genoshan allies.


Weapons of the New Egyptians are known to be a combination of both swords and knives, with guns and blasters. Soldiers usually carry energy assault rifles that resemble the German STG-44, as well as a sword and a knife that are made out of Orichalcum alloy. They also have police officers carry energy pistols resembling either the Colt M1911 or the Glock 17, as well as a knife for a back up weapon.


The medical technology is basically the same as the New Genoshan's. They have technological advancements that pretain to curing the people of every disease, cryotubes, cloning technology and even amazing new bandages and other forms of medical equipment.

Space Edit

New Egyptians, like the New Genoshans possess the capability of space travel; however have developed their own spacecraft and have developed their own hyperspace systems.


New Egyptians communicate with themselves and their allies with the use of 3 dimensional holographic projection devices.


The government of New Egypt is known to be that of a monarchy, as much as a country run by the people; pretty much the same way as New Genosha, however after popular vote, the rulers have the final word on what's best for the country.