The Neutrality Squad are a group of mutants who are, as the name implies, neutral to the lives of humans as they both protect and hurt them whenever they need and/or want to. They are their own team of mutants and are not on either the X-Men's side or their enemies, comemorating their neutrality.

Members Edit

Ashton Van Matter/Sir Solid-A former member of the original X-Men and an aquantance of both Prof. X and Magneto. He later abandoned them to form his own team of neutral mutants. He's the leader of the Neutrality Squad. He ahs the ability tomoas through any solid matter Alan Rickman plays him twin the original films and Matthew Goode in the new era.

Benson Clarke/Shadow-A mutant with the power to be a shadow. He is able to hide in the shadows to hide from his enemies, but when he touches the shadow of a person or thing, he physically touches the object of person of the shadow. He joined the Sauad because of his rough childhood of being bullied and severly disciplined by his neglectful parents. He is played by Nicolas Cage in the film.