Working for StrykerEdit

She helped Stryker on Project B and B. She created the explosive bees. When S.W.A.T learned of this they stormed The L.A.B. Agent Keollman found her but she shot him in the leg and escaped.EP. The Bombs and the Bees

She later joined in his Grand Canyon lab.EP The C.C.C

Mystique later impersonated her. EP The Infiltration

She planted the nukes in Los Angelos along with Super Suit. Later she went to observe its destruction from a bunker near by. When Knightcrawler teleprted them and Super Suit into space Stryker pushed her and Tammm away and walked angrily of. EP The Lost Knightcrawler.

Working for The Striker and mutationEdit

After Stryker was mutated he saw humans were weak and developed the M Virus. He tested it on Lucy and she became a large bat like beast. EP Virus M

She,Quicsilver,Firebreath,Tele,Sabretooth and Wellcam invaded militray base 12 and took control until the X-Men led an attack. XO attacked her and was about to kill her when the traitor Viper poisoned XO faster than he could heal. She attacked Anole who elecricuted her by hitting her with a computer. She flew out of control and down the shaft.She was presumably killed when the bomb came down and detonated. EP 12 and down