Ka-Boom is the fifth episode of X-Men: New Mutant - Bailey Nelson.

Xavier has the new students go on a minor mission to recruit a new mutant Tabitha Smith (Boom Boom), before the brotherhood.

Voice-Over IntroductionEdit

I've gotten to know all my teammates and they're all nice, except Ray at times. Professor X is sending us on a mission to recruit another mutant, Tabitha Smith, or Boom Boom. after her to. Now, we have to persuade her even more, when the Brotherhood try to stop us and recruit her themselves.


After school, the team and I are having training with Logan, when the Professor calls us down. He tells us about a mutant, Tabitha Smith, and that she's our age. Ray asks him, "Why not just have the X-Men recruit her?". He replies, "Because you're the same age as her, you might be able to get to her better."