It's terribly simple. The good guys are always stalwart and true. The bad guys are easily distinguished by their pointy horns or black hats, and... we always defeat them and save the day. No one ever dies and... everybody lives happily ever after.
―Calypso's Sarcasm[[{{{3}}}]]

The Gravity Queen (born Calypso Browning) is a mutant who can control gravity and is a member of the X-Men.

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Powers & Abilities Edit

  • Shifting - Ability to manipulate gravity. While her clothes flow with gravity, her hair, skirts, and scarves flow with the original gravity, revealing which way she may fall.
    • Stasis Field - Ability to lift objects around her and throw them.
    • Piercing Throw - Ability to surround stasis objects in vortexes that allows it to pierce through multiple weak enemies or inflict multiple hits on stronger enemies.
    • Gravity Slide - Ability to "slide" across a surface at high speeds, automatically adapting to the change in surface.
    • Spiral Claw - Ability to spin-dive into her enemies with shape-shifted claws.
    • Gravity Typhoon - Ability to create gravitational energy and hailing it at a target.
    • Micro Black Hole - Ability to summon a black hole that engulfs and destroys most things within its center. Can also teleport whatever is sucked in.
  • Time Traveling -

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Charles Xavier - Father, Mentor, Friend

Rhea † - Mother

Caleb Jr. † - Twin and Best Friend

Friends Edit

Magneto - Ally and Former Enemy

Storm - Former Mentor, Savior, and Crush

Jean Grey - Former Mentor, Teammate, Friend, and Crush

Beast - Former Mentor, Teammate, and Friend

Cyclops - Former Mentor, Teammate, and Friend

Wolverine - Former Mentor, Former Teammate, and Friend

Iceman - Former Classmate, Teammate, and Friend

Colossus - Former Classmate, Teammate, and Friend

Shadowcat - Former Classmate, Teammate, and Friend

Moira MacTaggert - Teammate, Friend, and Crush

Mystique - Former Mentor, Teammate, Friend, Former Enemy, and Crush

Nightcrawler - Former Classmate, Teammate, and Friend

Quicksilver - Former Classmate, Teammate, and Friend

Enemies Edit

Sentinels - Enemies and Killers

William Stryker † - Enemy

Jason Stryker † - Enemy

Brotherhood of Mutants - Enemies

Costumes Edit

Calypso often wears black tights under a short skirt. Her blouse is always light and flowy, covered by a scarf which hides her pendant.

The Gravity Queen refuses to wear an official X-Men jumpsuit. Rather, she wears a tan crop top with wide sleeves, a red skirt with pants beneath, and tan flat shoes.

No matter what form she is in, this character always wears her pendant. It is green around the neck, where it hooks into itself, blue once it reaches her chest and wraps around a pink orb.