First Day is the second episode of X-Men: New Mutant - Bailey Nelson.

On my first day in class at the institute I learn a lot, in last period, Logan (Wolverine) takes the class out for combat practice, where I meet and friend Bobby (Iceman), Amara (Magma), Ray (Berzerker), and Sam (Cannonball).

Voice-Over IntroductionEdit

It's my first day of school, and I'm going to be honest, I'm nervous of the weird mutants I'll see. Logan, Wolverine, is taking us outside for combat practice, which will definitely be fun. It wasn't so bad when I got help from a couple of other, pretty cool, mutants.


At 7 in the morning, my alarm clock goes off, I use my powers to change it into a watch and I put it on. I get up, get dressed, and go down to eat breakfast. When I got there Kurt and Ororo, Storm, were there eating. I grabbed the milk and poured a bowl of cereal. Kurt, Nightcrawler, wondered how I slept, since it was my first night. I told him it was the best sleep I've had in ages. Professor Xavier calls me to his office and gives me a schedule. My first class is with Jean and Scott, who are giving their first lesson. I head back to the kitchen to finish my breakfast before class started.

I asked a girl, Amara, to help me find my class. In class, Jean talks about kinetic powers, and has me demonstrate my powers, because I have molekenisis. I took Scott's belt and turned it into a bike tire. His pants fell down and everybody laughed, and he dismissed the class. Before I left, Jean taught me how to make things disappear, by pulling their molecules apart. While Scott pulls his pants up, I pull it's molecules apart, leaving him without pants. Angry, he told me to head to my next class. Jean and I laughed as I left.

My last class was with Logan, Wolverine, and he took us out for combat practice. Amara introduces me to her friends, Bobby (Iceman), Jubilee, Sam (Cannonball), and Ray (Berzerker). Bobby and I are paired together. After class, the group and I get lunch.