X-Men 1st Class==

  • When Erik is in Shaws lab as a child he uses Shaws cabinet to pin him on a wall and prepares to crush him but a soldier comes in and breaks Eriks concentration.
  • When Charles is using Cebero he sees Phat morph from fat to thin.
  • The Man In Black fires on Azazel twice before having his throat slit by his tail.
  • When Erik is about to kill Shaw Riptide attacks him and has a short battle before Erik wraps Riptide up in a bit of wall metal. After killing Shaw Erik approaches Rip and he speaks for the 1st time saying nuts.
  • Erik emerges from the sub with Rip in chains.
  • While freeing Emma Frost at the end of the movie Magneto,Riptide and Azazel kill several guards and are begged for mercy.

X-Men Origins WolverineEdit

  • In Strykers mutant prison Phat was seen in a cell.
  • When Stryker and the female doctor try to escape they are stopped by Basilk who kills the doctor but Stryker then jags him with a shot of acid. As he walks of Basilk slowly dies.
  • Gambit fights and kills several guards on the island.


  • During the battle on The Statue Of Liberty Sabretooth summons a Sentinel. As it is about to fire Cyclops shoots Sabretooth into its head blowing it off. As it falls Sabretooth finds himself stuck so crashes into the sea with it.

X-Men 2:X-Men UnitedEdit

  • When Stryker is stuck to the bit of debris Jason knowing he will soon die launches a missile that will destroy X-Manshion.Wolverine frees Stryker after learning Magneto cant control its metal. Stryker climbs onto it while it is still in the silo but it launches with him on it. Wolverine then pushes Jason into a river. Wolverine is launched into the air by Magneto and slashes the missile causing it to explode and kill Stryker. He is caught in the blast and falls but recovers.