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[[Amanda Sefton|250px]]

Date of Birth

(Possibly 1996 or 1997)


  • 16-17 (Teenager)
  • 20 (Adult)
  • Aliases

  • Liebchen (German for Sweetheart)
  • Omni (Mutant Name)
  • Species

  • Human
  • Mutant
  • Family

  • Mr. Sefton (Father)
  • Mrs. Sefton (Mother)
  • Kurt Wagner (Husband)
  • Gender


    Hair Color

    Dark Brown

    Eye Color


    Marital Status


    Powers & Abilities (As Mutant)

    X-Gene Omnipotence

    Amanda Sefton is the girlfriend and future wife of the X-Men's Kurt Wagner. She is the daughter of Mr and Mrs. Sefton, who unlike Amanda are repulsed by Nightcrawler's natural appearance.


    Not much is known about her origins, however what is known is that Amanda lived in Bayville, which is in fact where she met Kurt Wagner. Even after being told not to be around Kurt because of them discovering his natural appearance, Amanda disobeyed her parents and continued seeing Nightcrawler.

    Post ApocalypseEdit

    After the defeat of the supermutant Apocalypse, Amanda would continue to see her sweetheart and would officially become his girlfriend.


    By 19 years old, Amanda was kidnapped by Col. William Stryker who was intending to create Weapon XII. Amanda was tested on and it showed that she had an X-Gene capable of natural omnipotence; so they attempted to actually duplicate it; however failed when she woke up and managed to escape from captivity. She later returned to a worried Kurt Wagner after a total of 4 days and by that time, Kurt asked her to marry him, which she accepted.

    Wedding Edit

    Upon telling her parents of her engagement to Nightcrawler and explaining to her parents that she was a mutant. Her parents understood this and so they assisted in the wedding preparations.

    On the mutant nation of New Genosha, Kurt and Amanda were married and they spent their honeymoon on Pryde Beach in the state of Pryde.


    For most of her early life, Amanda lived in Bayville, however after marrying Nightcrawler, she and him started living on New Genosha within the town of Wagnerville, Kurtsburg.

    Powers & AbilitiesEdit

    Amanda's x-gene is one that allows her to use any power that is not magic or relates to sorcery. She also cannot mock powers that come from mutants such as Apocalypse, Phoenix, Mutant X and ForestFire. Amanda cannot also mock the powers from the offspring of Mutant X or ForestFire.


    Amanda is highly vulnerable to mutants and beings with powers pretaining to magic and sorcery. Telepaths are also capable of subduing Amanda.