A Small Containment Unit with heated Adamantium at Alkali Lake.

Adamantium is a strong, durable and iron-based metal that is virtually indestructible. It's creators and manipulators are various, as well as the types of the metal.


Adamantium is known by many to be so strong that even the several nuclear blasts would be incapable of destroying it. If morphed into bladed weapons and bullets, it can go through the Earth's strongest materials like knife through butter. It is not capable however to go through alloys like Vibranium or itself for that matter. It is however not completely indestructible and therefore weapons such as an energized Adamantium Blade, some superheroes and even other substances can destroy it.

Adamantium Variants & Sub-VariantsEdit


Proto-Adamantium is the first form of Adamantium to be created by Dr. McLain. It is the original substance that was used in Captain America's shield, however the process to create the substance was never replicated.

True AdamantiumEdit

True Adamantium is the result of recreating the process on creating Proto-Adamantium and is what is reinforcing the skeleton of the mutant Wolverine.

Secondary AdamantiumEdit

A much easier and cost effective form of Adamantium to work with, Secondary Adamantium is not as strong and can be manipulated by those with superhuman strength.

Adamantium BetaEdit

Wolverine's original skeleton was reinforced with True Adamantium. His healing factor enabled him to survive not only the process, but also the molecular change in the metal. This type functions like True Adamantium, however doesn't inhibit the biological process of bone.

Adamantium AllotropesEdit

An unstable, short-lived and virulently poisonous substance, Adamantium Allotropes can be used to cause those like Wolverine to become incoherent, stricken and collapse.


An unstable, malleable and virtually indestructible substance, Carbonadium is a substance that is considered to be cheaper Adamantium. It is however not as strong as True Adamantium.


A sub-variant of Adamantium, Diamantanium is completely indestructible. Created by Mutant X, Diamantanium is a hybridization of Adamantium and Diamond. This type is non-magnetic and powerful enough to withstand all it's original counterparts.